Irrigation Audits

Balancing System Performance
Mention the word audit at a party and a deafening hush blankets the room. That is, unless you’re in a room full of irrigation contractors. To them the term audit represents security, reliability, and professionalism.

Irrigation audits have become increasingly simple and effective in servicing clientele. They can save valuable plant material, hardscapes and equipment, while enhancing the aesthetics and resources used to maintain the landscape. Any client is impressed when, by performing some basic tests and calculations, you can save them money and headaches with measured, quantifiable data.
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What’s Uniformity Worth?

Improving distribution uniformity can save golf courses money
We, the irrigation industry, all believe in the fundamental worth of conserving water. But, let’s face it — businesses are driven by money. As a result, the practical application of conservation strategies by those “in the field” ultimately comes down to economics. For example, on golf courses, one question from golf course superintendents is, “Does improving irrigation efficiency and uniformity affect the operational cost of my golf course enough to go through the effort to improve?”
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