Why LeveLift?

Water conservation has become a must throughout the country. Distribution Uniformity (DU) is the key to irrigation efficiency. The first step in achieving maximum DU is getting your sprinkler head back to design specification by raising and leveling. Changing nozzles and scheduling will have minimal positive effect if sprinkler head are physically incorrect. The Levelift equipment empowers turf managers with a cost-effective way to maintain their sprinkler head to their proper elevation and level for maximum irrigation efficiency by maximizing DU.

Maximizing Distribution Uniformity can translate into thousands of dollars of savings in water, electricity, and related labors cost associated with the turf damage due to poor uniformity. Performing an Irrigation Audit is the most effective way of evaluating your systems efficiency. The Irrigation Association offers a Certified Golf Irrigation Auditing course designed to train your irrigation personnel in the proper procedures to perform an audit. Visit their website at www.irrigation.org for more information

Only with the LeveLift will you save time, labor, and maintenance expenditures when you raise and re-align your sprinkler heads. Bring your irrigation system back to its original design specifications and

  • improve distribution uniformity
  • reduce labor costs by 75%
  • minimize turf rehabilitation expenses
  • reduce sprinkler head replacement costs and damage to solenoids
  • reduce water consumption and pump use
  • maximize irrigation efficiency
  • practically eliminate disruption to play
  • improves overall course conditions

Quality comes first

The LeveLift Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality products to the golf course industry. Each LeveLift is made from the highest grade of stainless steel and brass and is built to withstand the most demanding conditions.